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Fun and interactive modes of learning.

Tailored made to meet your needs.

Expert advice from people in the know.


We provide a safe, nurturing environment and fun, interactive modes of learning from computer software, communication skills, customer service, all aspects of career development, business skills, money handling skills and a variety of craft such as sewing, soap making and cooking.

Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in a range of diverse industries (from Education and Training, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Counselling, IT, Animation and Graphics), they offer extensive knowledge and a desire to share. Each one of our staff members have developed, designed and delivered courses and workshops that are fun, engaging, and interactive.

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Personalised coaching sessions tailored to ensure your outcomes are met in timely manner with unlimited, ongoing support available. Your requirements will be assessed in your initial FREE consultation, ensuring your performance is specifically directed to ensure maximum results.

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Business consulting, business plan writing and career development services ensure you gain expert advice from people who have made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to, saving you significant amounts of time and money.

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